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Vivid3D User Manual

/1. Getting the engine

At the time of writing((01/07/2010) the engine is only available via mercurial source control. I will be making commits on a daily basis unless I encounter any problems and don't have anything to commit.
I use VisualHG alongside TortoiseHG to grab and update the source code. VisualHG is a codeplex project I believe.

/2. Using the engine

At the time of writing, the engine is not in a usable state. it compiles, and you can do basic things like create a display window, or a transform graph, or even a mesh node, but there is no capability to render.
I will update these docs in the coming days as progress I made. so do not lose your mind trying to get it displaying something just yet :)

/3. Donating to the AntonySPCA

Antony needs money. Antony has no food or shelter. Antony needs YOUR money. donate via thump HEY!!! THAT SMARTS!!! THUMP!!! OUCH!!!!

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